The sun is shining, the tulips are budding, and the pollen has declared war on your car. It must be Springtime! And unless you are one of the lucky folks that have your house professionally cleaned every two weeks – I mean seriously, how bad can your place get in two weeks…ok forget I asked – then you are begrudgingly pumping yourself up for some Spring cleaning.

But if you are like me, then cleaning is the last thing that you want to be doing when its already 82˚F outside in Atlanta.

So maybe this list is really more for my benefit but I figured I would share it with all of my kindred anti-spring cleaning spirits out there. These tips will help you get in and out(side) in two snaps and a shake. The goal is to speed – I mean spring – clean as efficiently as possible. This is not a weekend long deep clean (and don’t hold your breath on me to write about that because I don’t even know what that looks like).Ok enough chitchat, time for the steps!

Get Your Get Your Spring Cleaning Done In Record Time

1. MUSIC: First things first, put on some music that either gets you singing, dancing, snapping or just plain focused enough to take your mind off the task ahead – but not enough to abandon the task completely.

2. PREP: Prepare all of your cleaning products, materials, and solutions before you get started. You never realize how much time is wasted searching for that bottle of Windex that you swore you put under the kitchen sink last month (or year for some of us lazy bones). Most of the solutions HGTV recommends contain vinegar, water, and baking powder so prepping these solutions in advance will save you some precious steps.

3. DE-TRASH: Place a small shopping bag on the doorknob of each room that you will be cleaning for easy and entertaining games of trash basketball. And then place all of the trash items in each room in their respective trash bags.

4. DE-CLUTTER: Grab two laundry baskets or two boxes and put displaced clothing items in one and random items that are not where they should be in the other. This step is really important because we don’t have time for Organizing Scope Creep – yes it’s a thing. You know what I am talking about. You set out to clean your desk and end up reorganizing your entire office. So just remember the words of a wise woman speaking on the topic of fire “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

ain’t nobody got time for that

5. DUST: Now that your crap is out of the way grab your microfiber cloth or feather duster – if you are fancy and get to work on your blinds, furniture, doors, fans, lights, and picture frames and any other little items you have laying around. Not only is dust annoying but its unhealthy, so good riddance!

6. VACUUM: Make sure your bag isn’t full or that you even have a bag and hit the floors and upholstered furniture in the whole house. If you are up for a treasure hunt, flip over those couch cushions and move that furniture out the way. But if your treasure ends up being trash – and not the beauty is in the eye of the beholder kind, but real trash – shoot a 3 pointer at the buzzer into the closest doorknob bag.

7. WIPE DOWN: Take several of your favorite disinfectant wipes and wipe down all of your windows, counters, mirrors and appliances. Remember we are all about speed so no opening drawers on this go around!

8. SWEEP/MOP: Start in the corner and work your way in. If you are using an old school mop remember to literally rinse and repeat.

9. SPRAY and TOSS: Lastly, grab your favorite “smell good” product and spray a little in each room and on your upholstered furniture. Grab a trash bag and place all of your little trash bags in it for a quick trip to the trash bin.

Grab the keys on the way to the trash bin and head out for some fun in the sun knowing that you have just completed your super fast spring-cleaning!

What are your quick tips for efficient Spring cleaning?


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Kary is an Atlanta real estate agent, developer, designer and writer. She co-owns Possible Realty and Possible Living with her husband Dwayne. Possible Realty is a modern boutique real estate group at eXp Realty in Intown Atlanta is focused on reimagining the buying and selling process. In her spare time she loves to travel the world, stay active in sports, try new restaurants, volunteer with local groups, spoil her little dog Jake, and laugh…laugh until her stomach hurts and tears roll down her eyes.


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