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One of the most frequent comments I hear from some of the more casual agents in the industry is that “It looked like something I could do easily”, but in reality being a real estate agent requires professionalism in order to succeed. There isn’t an “easy” button for being so intimately involved in a large financial decision for your clients.

What your clients are looking for is a professional, someone who has their best interest in mind, and can deliver on the expectations they have of an agent. Each client is unique and has their own set of ideas on what an agent should do for them (whether reasonable or not), and it’s your job to understand those needs and deliver on them. Still sound easy?

Fortunately, there is something easy you can do to make sure you can provide the clients with what they’re looking for. It all starts with you. Look in the proverbial mirror (or a real one, to help drive the point home) and ask yourself, would I hire me? If you answer that question honestly with a no, or if you hesitate even in the slightest, then you may want to notice and adjust.

Developing and maintaining a professional presence is vital to your success as a real estate agent. These are a few ways that your professional presence is received by clients, and area you may need to touch up on to make sure your answer to the “would I hire myself?” question is a resounding YES!!

Professional Real Estate Agents:

  • Professional Appearance – First things first, Look the part! This would include tidy clothing, hair, accessories, makeup. These should be appropriate for your office and local market. Avoid perfume/cologne and revealing clothing (i.e., nothing too tight, too short or too low cut).
  • Face-to-face meetings – As they say, you can never make a second first impression. So it’s important to maintain good eye contact and positive body language. Strive to be attentive, engaging and courteous.
  • Marketing and advertising materials – Marketing is absolutely essential since without leads you lessen the opportunity to have clients. Marketing and advertising is such an important piece that we’ll write a separate post just focusing on that! But for now just know that it’s important to use quality photos and accurate, compelling text. These materials should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Phone calls – Being articulate, engaging and courteous here is important.
  • Web presence – Along with marketing, your web presence is typically the first engagement a potential new client has with your brand. Having a carefully planned Web site, and engaging social media content goes a long way in our digitally driven world to seeming professional and approachable.
  • Written communications – E-mails and texts are second nature to an established agent. So making sure these are free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes convey competence and allow the client to feel confident that you can handle all of the important documentation that you’ll see during a real estate transaction.

It is important to note that any presence you have on the Internet – whether for your business or personal life – lasts forever and can easily find its way to your potential clients. Therefore, it is judicious to work toward a professional image both in and out of your real estate career.

As an agent, are you doing everythin gyou can to be successful?


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